Door Belt Set Mk3 Zephyr Sedan 62-66


This set contains:

4 x Felt Lined Rubber Outer Door Belts

4 x Brush Lined Stainless Steel Edged Inner Door Belts

Our outer door belts are made with very high quality EPDM rubber that is fully vulcanised onto a steel backing insert in a co-extruding process.

Being fully vulcanised stops water creeping inside the door belt and rusting it out.

The rubber flap that seals against the door glass has a polypropylene felt pile that, in my 30 plus years selling this product, has never peeled or flaked off.

The EPDM rubber has an extremly long life and will not crack or harden in Australian conditions for very many years.

The inner door belts are also a very high quality product.

These are made in Michigan and have a polished mirror finish marine grade 316 stainless steel bead dressing the top.

The backing is a perforated steel strip which has been painted gloss black.

This has a mastic coating on the back to cushion the contact area with your car.

A polypropylene brush covers the convex area that contacts your door glass.

This brush will never fade, discolour or deteriorate. I have seen it on cars in wrecking yards and it, ( apart from the dust), still look brand new.

These door belts are probably not the cheapest but you will never have to replace them.

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